today's tragedy of brand necrophilia, the first domain name ever registered, has been bought by a "real estate and domain investment company."

Sometimes you learn really despicable things by subscribing to wikipedia changelogs.

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  1. inoah says:


    Whatever happened to the plan for a bunch of people to get together and buy the slimebolix source off of Nofsker or whoever owns it currently?

  2. dasht says:

    karma is a bitch, but if it hadn't been for symbolics, there might very well not be a GNU Emacs, GCC, GDB, RHEL, etc.


  3. mdl says:

    What the fuck? I wonder why dks sold it off--they can't have been offering that much.

    At least the site's simply moved in case you're really dying for an XL1200 or a MacIvory III.

  4. yan_1976 says:

    the first domain name was .com? i'd guess the first domain name was .mil or .edu

    they probably mean the first "commercial" domain registered. yes, this is me getting old school in my DARPA knowledge:)

    • The transition to DNS was gradual, and the military are naturally conservative, so no, they weren't the first to migrate.

      Early DNS was all about the arpa TLD, which is no longer used for forward registration, so all those domains are gone and won't be coming back. I'd guess the claim is something like was registered longest ago of the 2LDs which still resolve today or something, sort of like claiming that some DC-8 used by a freight company in Africa is the "first plane" because hey, it's very old and it's still flying.

  5. jered says:

    I love that Kalman is still doing maintenance on Macsyma. That's commitment to software quality!

  6. wire_on_fire says:

    For some reason, between the keyboard picture and "brand necrophilia", I thought they were selling netbooks or something like that under the Symbolics brand.

    They could even look at selling it with the Symbolics keyboard layout.

    Would totally make a buck.

  7. elfoozlero says:

    I was curious to see if any machines were on ebay and instead found
    this, with free shipping no less.