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  1. mc_kingfish says:


    Just _stoppit_.


  2. elevatordown says:

    A single tear rolled down my cheek after gazing at this for a moment.

  3. aris1234 says:

    Do you have an attribution for this photograph? Who took it?

    • vitorious says:

      My heart leaps that you imagine that someone out there might actually have staged an actual photograph with a real, flesh-and-blood actor on a physical set.

      Sadly, I would guess it's a shoop of a Singin' in the Rain still, perhaps originally from a Worth1000 or SA thread.

  4. ctd says:

    I'm blasting in the rain,
    just blasting in the rain,
    the quantity of my shots compen-
    sates for my aim
    I'm blasting at crowds
    of Ewoks and droids
    I try to avoid Vader
    when he's annoyed,
    I ask, "What is going on -
    are there rebels in the base?
    How can I kiss Debbie Reynolds with this
    mask on my face?"
    My white armor shows the dirt
    but it will be clean again
    'cause I'm blasting
    and dancing in the rain

  5. artistbyday says:

    George Lucas remasters Singin' in the Rain

  6. khedron says:

    Wife says, "Aren't you a little bouncy for a Stormtrooper?"

  7. recrea33 says:

    gay stormtroopers have needs too!