Pancake Printer.

Previously: CellJet, CakeJet.

And now I want pancakes. Why is searching for restaurants in Google Maps so mind-blowingly useless? Someone fax me a pancake.


22 Responses:

  1. doomkty says:

    you need this to go with it :)

  2. xoder says:

    I love that they have this image on their page. Real appetizing.

  3. super_leitenant says:

    Try instead of Google. :-)

  4. bodyfour says:

    So is this the next bar food?

    It's too bad the all-night trance parties fell out of fashion... this would haven been perfect.

    • intoner says:

      you should get one of those in your office, so that way someone can try to make chocolate chip pankcake and break it just like the coffee maker.

      • misterfister666 says:

        Someone tried to make chocolate chip coffee AND broke the machine? So close -- and yet ...

  5. chaobell says:

    If you prefer donuts, well, technology has that covered too.

    • vonnieda says:

      That looks like an updated version of the one that pumps out donuts all day long in Seattle's Pike Place Market. I can't even imagine how much money that place must rake in. People line up around the block for those donuts.

  6. merovingian says:

    Is there something wrong with ? That's how you find pancakes in this town.

  7. mgedmin says:

    Was that last sentence a reference to William Gibson's All Tomorrow's Parties?

  8. malokai says:

    Nice, it even uses special pancake batter bags to stop you form using your own mixes, just like a real printer!

  9. fantasygoat says:

    Google Maps are useless on the iPhone as well. I need context searching, not name searching!

  10. vickionline says:

    oh i need one of those machines