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7 Terrifying Giant Versions of Disgusting Critters

These are amazing! I would like to have a fourteen inch snail as a pet. I think.

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  1. theremina says:

    Heh. My dad's the marine biophysicist who developed a pressurized trap system that allows isopods to be brought up from the depths alive. Some of my earliest and most terrifying memories are of staring at one of these, floating like a serene insectile Buddha, in a humming tank. Good times.

  2. intoner says:

    "While tiny humans lose their cuteness gradually after reaching puberty, it's actually quite easy to identify the precise moment a snail stops being cute: When its sickly green snail labia drape over your outstretched fingers like the genitals of an old whore stationed too long outside an army base."

  3. mopti says:

    The brother in law spent some time as a kid in Africa where he kept giant snails as pets. One Saturday morning he asked his mother, who hadn't got up yet, if he could play with his snails. She said he could of course, and then asked him why he was asking her for permission. He told her they were in a box under her bed.

  4. loosechanj says:

    A 15" sandflea, fuuuuuuuuuuck

  5. curgoth says:

    Oh, sure, a giant snail seems funny now, when we have flamethrowers. Spare a thought for the poor medieval knights who had to face such things.

  6. My favorite is still the isopods which eat fishes' tongues and then attach themselves in place of the tongue.

  7. OOH! I just saw a whole bucketful of those snails at the chinese market by my house. They were not alive though, don't think they were for sale as pets, more like dinner...