Google has deleted DNA Lounge from Street View

Google has deleted DNA Lounge from Street View. This happened a few months ago, and was not corrected by yesterday's Street View update. Ever since Street View launched, you've been able to see DNA Lounge in it (evidence from more than two years ago!) but now, all of Eleventh Street between Bryant and Mission is missing from Street View. And hey, why bother to drive the entire length of Sixteenth Street? That's not a significant part of town either, right?

But the truly baffling part is: why would they bother to delete old imagery instead of just updating it as newer stuff comes in? That's completely retarded.

WTF, Google.

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25 Responses:

  1. yan_1976 says:

    only one logical explanation: google plans to enter the night club business

  2. Do they have some sort of "safe search" mode to prevent children from
    viewing places which may be injurious to the public welfare and morals?

  3. nugget says:

    I'm assuming it's because you don't serve enough mexican food.

  4. and yet the street view van drove down Juniper Alley...

  5. tecknicaltom says:

    it's probably because somebody made a privacy complaint about being seen somewhere on those streets. I've seen other places where they've gone overboard on removing street view imagery, deleting all the way down the street where the complaining person is visible from.

    • strspn says:

      Is this the new undercut in the roughshod dog-eat-cat world of San Francisco night clubs? Claiming you're on a street view shot of the competition, leaving the drunk and soon-to-be-drunk club hoppers without any clue as to where to stagger next?

  6. ladyjalana says:

    And yet jwz was so adamant about remaining invisible to Skynet when selecting a phone... :-)

    • capo_mojo says:

      Right, because what kind of idiot would want to simultaneously protect his private data but allow customers to find his place of business? I mean, he even put out a sign and everything...

      • ladyjalana says:

        And yet it seems quite possible that "protecting private data" is what erased his club from Street View. Just saying it's ironic...

  7. ladykalessia says:

    Traveling salesman algorithm FAIL.

  8. drewsf says:

    Fortunately, there's MapJack, which offers street views of 11th St. and 16th St., and which has better imagery for much of San Francisco, anyway:

  9. discogravy says:

    "Sir, Zawinksi removed the kiosks from DNA Lounge!"
    "The ones I loved so much?"
    "Well fuck him then, let's take his fucking club RIGHT OFF THE MAP!"

  10. cranaic says:

    Generally speaking, mentally retarded people don't do things this malicious.

  11. shandrew says:

    Cover-up of deer + Google Maps car massacre on 11th

  12. stu_hacking says:


    As seen by the shady guy at the corner of Harrison and 11th.