dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein ABC's left hand smacks its right hand, and SFPD makes a power grab.

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  1. tarzxf says:

    Can one stop by the club and purchase t-shirts as well?

    • frandroid says:

      I ordered a t-shirt to Canada. If the ridiculously low shipping cost you charged is indeed not enough, feel free to refund my purchase and charge me what would be a total cost that includes a fair shipping rate.

      Also, worth mentioning, you have a "change details/order" button on your last checkout page, but when I clicked it, it processed my order anyway. (I'm using Firefox 3.5.2 on Win7RC1.) Thankfully, I just wanted to change the capitalization of one letter, so there was no significant change to make to my order, so it can be processed anyway...

  2. owyn says:

    My dad only goes to the opera and the museums, so he'd be fine with shutting down everything else, but we all know this kind of slippery slope eventually leads to sword fighting in front of the opera and drag racing in front of the asian art museum. :)

  3. spc476 says:

    If I'm not mistaken, the DNA Lounge is in San Francisco, which is the same San Francisco that the Up Your Alley Fair (link NOT SAFE FOR WORK), and yet you get an obscenity charge, among other things. I'm confused.

    (I also have to wonder why you even bother with owning a nightclub in such an anti-nightlife friendly town, but I figure it's something you enjoy on some level or you wouldn't do it)

    • ff_throwaway says:

      The freepers and the forces of conservatism got hooked onto the Folsom thing and apparently that level of public depravity has been rolled back starting this year.


      If anything, the national shitstorm the Folsom Fair exposed to the world prompted Very Important Politicians like Pelosi to effect this clampdown, quite possibly this same defensive anti-obscenity campaign got jwz's club caught in the dragnet. Pelosi, being from SF is quite easily tarred with the "SF Values" attack brush wielded by the right wing noise machine when any sort of public lasciviousness is uncovered.

      This is why we can't have nice things.

  4. ff_throwaway says:

    from an economics standpoint the only thing SF needs is that which directly supports the tourism attractions and the business district. But that is something right out Stalinesque planned economies, real Pol Pot-quality thinking there, Lou. "Land of the Free" my @ss.