again, I can't express this in 140 characters.

I dreamed that they had re-issued all of the Terminator movies and the TV series with all of the Terminators digitally replaced with Arnold from the first movie, voice and all. It was awesome, especially the part where John makes out with Cameron.
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  1. tjic says:

    ...but you've created the first compelling argument for why EVERYTHING must be 140 characters or less, or CAN NOT be posted to the tubes.

  2. says:

    arg. I just tried to 'Favorite' this twitter post.

  3. says:

    also, you're just not trying hard enough :)

    "I dreamt of a Terminator franchise reissue (TV & film), ALL Terminators replaced w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger. John makes out with Cameron. Hot."

    It could be greatly improved, but I wanted to show off by including 'Schwarzenegger'

  4. grahams says:

    I guess your dream also included better 'digital replacement' than was used in Terminator: Salvation. Because the digital Arnold in that movie was painful.