dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein ABC's left hand smacks its right hand, and SFPD makes a power grab.


Found: first amino acid on a comet
An amino acid has been found on a comet for the first time, a new analysis of samples from NASA's Stardust mission reveals. The discovery confirms that some of the building blocks of life were delivered to the early Earth from space.

Previously, researchers have found amino acids in space rocks that fell to Earth as meteorites, and tentative evidence for the compounds has been detected in interstellar space. Now, an amino acid called glycine has been definitively traced to an icy comet for the first time. [...]

The researchers spent two years trying to find out - a painstaking task since there was so little of the comet dust to study. In fact, there was not enough material to trace the source of any compound except for glycine, the simplest amino acid.

"It's a great piece of laboratory work," says Lunine. "It's probably something that couldn't have been done remotely with a robotic instrument - it points to the value of returning samples."


Google has deleted DNA Lounge from Street View

Google has deleted DNA Lounge from Street View. This happened a few months ago, and was not corrected by yesterday's Street View update. Ever since Street View launched, you've been able to see DNA Lounge in it (evidence from more than two years ago!) but now, all of Eleventh Street between Bryant and Mission is missing from Street View. And hey, why bother to drive the entire length of Sixteenth Street? That's not a significant part of town either, right?

But the truly baffling part is: why would they bother to delete old imagery instead of just updating it as newer stuff comes in? That's completely retarded.

WTF, Google.

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