To annoy, embarrass, oppress, and unduly burden.

"Zawinski objects to the subpoena to the extent that the requests for production of documents included in the subpoena fail to adequately and specifically describe the matter sought, are vague, overly broad, or are calculated to or would operate to annoy, embarrass, oppress, unduly burden, or unduly cause expense to Zawinski."

I just spent six hours in a deposition, beginning at a truly uncivilized hour of the morning, wherein some schmuck grilled me about hallway conversations I may or may not have had fifteen years ago.

Apparently there is this shitbag company called "ValueClick" who are patent trolls. I gather that they have some patent related to cookies, and sued AOL for patent infringement. AOL responded with, "Surely you must be joking, please choke on our cookie patent", and counter-sued. So ValueClick dragged me in to a deposition looking for a way to invalidate the AOL/Netscape patent.

A software patent being used to attack a software patent troll.

There are no winners here.

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