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  1. mschaos says:

    that is fracking creepy as all get out

  2. And for those who'd like to play at home:Google image search: ' "Arina Shinyokohama" Akihabara '

  3. ekesobriquet says:


  4. taskboy3000 says:

    Is that, like, legal? You know, to ride the train. It seems like there may be some problems with statutory rape laws.

    • bitterjesus says:

      Hey, for all you know, that's an adult, consenting gigantic resin model. Although, in fairness, she doesn't look too happy.

    • dmlaenker says:

      If I'm not mistaken, that's the Yamanote Line. So it just goes around and around and around and around and around.

      • dagbrown says:

        You are mistaken (but close!). The Yamanote line has green trains. That's a yellow one, which (assuming Tokyo here) would be the Sobu line. And judging from the subject matter, that's most likely in the vicinity of JR's Akihabara Station (which is a stop for the Yamanote, Sobu and Keihin-Tohoku lines).

    • chuck_lw says:

      "Hey! How can you arrest us for statutory rape? She just came and SAT ON US! ... Granted, she gave us a warning ahead of time ... and counted down from ten ... slowly ... but still..."

    • fayanora says:

      Probably a chibi. You know, full grown adult who still looks like a child.

      Just a possibility.

    • STATUtory rape.... har har.

  5. what the fucking fuck.

  6. dasht says:

    Hang on. Isn't that just, well, kinda "earthy". It's bawdy. The apparent cultural Japanese thing about sex with little kids (or adults pretending to be little kids) is on display - definitely objectionable on that ground. Or, is it? Little kids masturbate, I'm pretty sure. This would be a public sculpture that acknowledges that. Is "kid diddling" really implied here? Are little kids really turned into sexual commodities here? (I'm not sure one way or the other I'm just not so sure that thing has the same meaning in Japan as here.) Does this thing encourage perversity or does it just help neuter and normalize ordinary sexuality?


    • 5beroptic says:

      I think it looks like Six Flags for pedophiles.

      What concerns me even more is the people that actually know the name of this little girl so that they can Google image search it.


    • leolo says:

      What she's doing is not relevant. What we are doing is peeking up a little girls skirt to see her panties.

      Which is something you are supposed to get over past the 4th grade.

      • jkow says:

        Oh. I looked at her shoes.

      • But one of the things about trains (ordinarily, and I don't think this one is an exception) is that you can't see forwards or backwards because the train is in the way. e.g. this leads to passengers rarely seeing the (typically green) clear aspect ahead but only an endless succession of (typically red) danger signals intended for following trains. So I think only the driver gets to peek up the little girl's skirt, for everyone else on the train it's just a curious bit of scenery they're passing through.

        Also I'm not sure what the "supposed" is doing in your sentence. Maybe you'd like to explain how the director of The Seven Year Itch was mistaken in assuming his audience would want to see Marilyn Monroe's dress blowing up like that? If you just meant "a pre-pubescent child isn't an appropriate focus of sexual interest for adults" then I think you could have just written that (or not, since it goes without saying).

        The Barbie Doll workaround here would be to not build anything at all between the sculpture's legs, or just some metal scaffolding - that doesn't seem like it promotes a more healthy body attitude than giving her perfectly ordinary underwear. If a bunch of creepy people congregate under the sculpture on the street below and stare up its skirt then I guess at least they're outside getting some exercise.

  7. moof says:

    It's been a while since I've seen people get so worked up over a 'shop.

  8. nelc says:

    Is it wrong that I'm disappointed that this is not an actual statue, just a photoshop?