This is why you can't have a jetpack.

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  1. dali_drama says:


    spending eternity haunting a disney world monorail is gonna suck.

  2. I want no part of this so-called Future if they still let humans drive trains there.

    ISTR that all accidents on London's DLR have involved humans driving the (ordinarily automatic) trains.

    • blech says:

      Not true. At least, if it was, it's not any more: the report into a train derailing at Deptford while "under the control of its on-board computer (automatic mode of operation)." (page 8 of the PDF linked to on the above page).

      In fact, the report makes for quite worrying reading. The DLR is currently undergoing quite a lot of work to extend platforms from two cars to three, and the ATO programs are being recompiled often. As the table on page 22 shows, speed restrictions were often not correctly entered into the computer. Still, nobody died (there weren't even any injuries) and the report churns out a load of recommendations, which is more than you'd get for a car crash, even a multiple fatality pile-up on a freeway. Presumably the Disney accident will also be investigated in some depth.

    • lionsphil says:

      He was a CompSci. Would you rather that he was indirectly driving it via the software he wrote?

      • Sure, I'd rather have a live CompSci student who has learned a valuable lesson than a corpse. Even if you're one of those who thinks we have too many people - getting rid of them one at a time in monorail accidents after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their feeding and education is a spectacularly inefficient fix.

  3. deusdiabolus says:

    Yup, if you can't be trusted to operate something MOUNTED ON A FIXED TRAJECTORY without crashing it....

  4. keimel says:

    All I know is they really put Ogdenville, North Haverbrook, and Brockway on the map.

  5. gytterberg says:

    I want to believe that that's an Obey sticker on the train in the last picture but I know that it probably isn't.

  6. cyeh says:

    They actually talk to some current and previous monorail operators about some of the conditions around that time of operations and where the accident took place on the line.