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Thu, Jul 02:   The Coathangers @ Hemlock Tavern 
Thu, Jul 02:   Emilie Simon @ Cafe du Nord 
Fri, Jul 03:   Stripmall Architecture @ Hotel Utah 
Thu, Jul 16:   Girl in a Coma @ Bottom of the Hill 
Fri, Jul 17:   Le Tigre @ Bottom of the Hill 
Wed, Jul 22:   La Roux @ Cafe du Nord 
Sun, Aug 16:   Jill Tracy & Nicki Jaine @ Cafe du Nord 
Thu, Aug 20:   Stripmall Architecture @ Cafe du Nord 
Tue, Aug 25:   The Prids @ Bottom of the Hill 
Thu, Oct 22:   Dragonette @ 330 Ritch 
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4 Responses:

  1. latemodel says:

    I believe that the Prids show has been cancelled due to them having something awesomer to do. They are trying to reschedule but have not managed it yet.

  2. unwoman says:

    FYI -- Stripmall Architecture -- in quartet (ie, not rock; ie, including me) format is also the opening band Friday at the Utah.

    • unwoman says:

      Meaning, it's us 4 playing lots of Halou songs, then Young Has Beens, then Stripmall Architecture the rock band.

  3. emtel says:

    I really really love posts like this, fwiw.