I would like an explanation for this, please.

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  1. colubra says:

    Perhaps 'Japan'?

  2. mackys says:

    > I would like an explanation for this, please.

    (Skeptopotamus) UNLIKELY. (/Skeptopotamus)

  3. bdu says:

    You can't handle the truth.

  4. ninjarat says:

    I believe the whole defies explanation. Maybe it's art.

  5. dasht says:

    It is a tremendous breakthrough, demonstrated here in public for the first time, used for only the second time. A smashing success. A real breakthrough. A certain substance is to be extracted from the subject and processed, whereupon a significant new level of vigor is experienced by the subject, along with certain pleasing side effects such as the development of a healthy plumage that eliminates the need for clothing. The extracted substance is recycled to provide nourishment to an earlier subject. It is a very clever device however the photograph is alarming because it appears he is set to activate the extraction process while the component on the floor (I'll spare you the details but it is essential to dissipating certain waste products) is unconnected to the outlet at the bottom the meta-orgone box. That is a serious mistake and calls to mind an accident with an earlier attempt like this that took place in 1949 at Lawrence Berkeley Labs. In all likelihood, the experimenter had to drop his shorts on an emergency basis to correct the problem and hopefully he was quick to do so.

    That said, it is sort of peculiar that british imperialists imported a school-child uniform fetish to Japan and they're still not over it after all these years.


  6. stannate says:

    The Japanese take on "Doctor Who," naturally.

  7. roninspoon says:

    Long live the New Flesh!

    • kallisti says:

      TANJ, you beat me to it...oh, wait...try:


      "It looks like a strange cross between Hentai, and a bad Furry fan-fic written by some writer who was heavily influenced by Cronenberg's Videodrome."

      A friend of mine worked on the SFX for Videodrome...it's my friend's hand with the gun that sticks out of the TV!


  8. lordshell says:

    This is the result of dropping two nuclear weapons on a civilization.

    Our bad.

  9. drjohn says:

    That picture pretty much is the movie in a nutshell...that and random episodes of "Guitar...Brother...!"

    I caught it in Austin, where they do like their wierd films.

  10. maramala says:

    Ah, a classic. This, Survive 5, any movie directed by Takashi Miike, and every movie that involves zombies from Japan (Wild Zero) never gets old.

  11. Funky Forest!! A friend of mine made us watch this - it is full of excellent absurdity, and well aware of the fact. Not all of it makes sense, but about 90% of the film is delightful (and relevant) absurdist commentary on daily life and experiences in Japan. I really will make NO SENSE to most people who haven't lived in Japan or who don't know quite a but about life there.

  12. netik says:

    "Dear Japanese People..."

    Aw, fuck it, they're not listening.

  13. bigbaldguy says:

    The Funky Forest trailer reminds me of the Robogeisha trailer. I'm mildly afraid to go see either film, though.

  14. jackolantern says:

    This is, as it turns out, the cure for cancer.

  15. bitpuddle says:

    This is proof that God loves us.