Eye teeth? Seriously? PLEASE DON'T LOOK AT ME.

Blind man sees after having a tooth implanted into his eye.

During the procedure, a minute section of a patient's tooth is removed, reshaped and chiselled through to grip the man-made lens which is then placed in its core.

It is implanted under an eyelid where it becomes covered in tissue.

The process requires a living tooth as an implant because doctors suggest there are chances the eye would reject a plastic equivalent.

So a canine - which is the best option due to its shape and size - was taken out of Mr Jones' mouth.

A patch of skin is then taken from the inside of the cheek and placed in the eye for two months, where it gradually acquires its own blood supply.

The tooth segment is finally transplanted into the eye socket. The flap of grafted skin is then partially lifted from the eye and placed over its new sturdy base.

Finally, surgeons cut a hole in the grafted cornea to let light through.

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14 Responses:

  1. elevatordown says:

    Thank you for this post, Jamie. I was concerned that I wouldn't have nightmares tonight.

  2. pikuorguk says:

    Must be a fixed-focus lens. I wonder what his depth of field is like...

  3. jorm says:

    In the future, when this is a more common-place procedure, there will be horror films made about this.

  4. dagbrown says:

    That's pretty retro-cool. He has an eye obscura.

  5. maramala says:

    Meh. Ring me back when they figure out how to do optic blasts.

  6. liveavatar says:

    I saw a similar story a couple of years ago -- this graphic explains the procedure more clearly.

    What I want to read now is the short story about the alcoholic orgy at Byron's villa where the idea for this procedure was formulated.

  7. chuck_lw says:

    What -- no references to The Corinthian?

  8. mc_kingfish says:

    I would mock him all the time and call him "Tooth-Eye."

    "Hey _Tooth-Eye_... How's it goin', _Tooth-Eye_... "

    Something like that.

  9. jkonrath says:

    You nexus, huh? I design your teeth.

  10. What's that? I can't hear you from MY HIDING PLACE UNDER MY BED.


  11. spoonyfork says:

    So how does he brush his teeth?