Congratulations Human, You've Been Accepted to Singularity University

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7 Responses:

  1. iota says:

    I hope to god that Kurzweil's real signature is a CAPTCHA.

  2. discogravy says:

    he's got an AOL address? maybe he's got some ex-netscape guys on staff...

  3. fragglet says:

    The logo for Singularity University is a sideways USB logo?

  4. k3ninho says:

    I'm hoping to swap 'Masturbating with Lasers' for a different course. Maybe 'Mailing List Etiquette' or 'Philosophy of Cloud Consciousness'.

  5. i_e_d says:

    "I for one welcome.."
    Nah.. nevermind.

  6. zapevaj says:

    Ok what extent do these people actually exist? (I mean yes, Ray Kurzweil exists, but...) SU is apparently trying to hire people for their lecture series. And heavens knows, when money is involved, that's when shit gets real.