Birds of prey know they're cool.


18 Responses:

  1. bitterjesus says:

    Jesus hawk is ready to die for your sins.

  2. dr_memory says:

    For some reason, I hear Richard Pryor's voice: "Oh yeah, we bad."

  3. pikuorguk says:

    Needs caption - "Oh crap yeah... I'm not a duck"

  4. gwynjudd says:

    I'm a Haaaawwwwkkkkkk, I'm a Haaaawwwwwwkkkkkkk, Suck my Diiiiiiiicccck, I'm a Haaaaaaaawwwkkkkk.

  5. He's sooooo handsome! Thanks for posting.

  6. ekesobriquet says:

    I'm a bird, bitch.

  7. kencf0618 says:

    One of the tetramorphs steps out!

  8. madshelley says:

    mactavish posted this in the birdlovers comm, just wanted to stop by and say how BADASS this is! Just look at him STRUT!!