A "Dead Ringers" quote here would be traditional.

Circumcision Knife (1770s)

Skull Saw (1830s-60s)

Tonsil Guillotine (1860s)


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  1. mc_kingfish says:

    Tonsil Guillontine was the name of the Frenchman who invented Sucrets.

    It's pronounced "Tone-seel."

  2. ladykalessia says:

    Damn, that knife is beautiful. My hat's off to the craftsman. Of course it loses some^H^H^H^Hmost of its sex appeal when one reads the caption... but still.

  3. duskwuff says:

    The skull saw reminds me of nothing more than an oversized eggbeater.

  4. mcity says:

    That circ knife actually looks kinda cool. Imagine Riddick with one of those.

  5. luserspaz says:

    I'm surprised that you skipped "Tobacco Smoke Enema" in your summary here.

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