I, for one, welcome our new seething, glistening bryozoan underlords.

'Sewer Monster' discovered below Cameron Village

The sewer monster is made up of thousands of tiny organisms called bryozoans, or moss animacules, said N.C. State University biologist Thomas Kwak. Invertebrates, they bunch together in colonies and feed with tiny tentacles.

"They can get as big as the size of a watermelon," he said.

They've been known to clog pipes, but Raleigh officials aren't worried, even though bryozoans can move up to 10 centimeters a day. "I don't know if we've seen anything move on its own inside a sanitary sewer line," Public Utilities Director Dale Crisp said.

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Get me off this crazy thing.

An early peek at Robert Rodriguez's next
dangerous overscraping of the bottom
of the cultural barrel:

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A "Dead Ringers" quote here would be traditional.

Circumcision Knife (1770s)

Skull Saw (1830s-60s)

Tonsil Guillotine (1860s)


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