Today on Sick Sad World: Squirting Dragon Dildos.

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17 Responses:

  1. mc_kingfish says:

    Mine is +4 and made of _mithril_.

  2. sparklydevil says:

    i wrote a story on these folks a while ago:

    the marine ones are the best!

  3. eevee says:

    The next best thing to an actual squirting dragon, obviously.

  4. baconmonkey says:

    and people say you're hard to shop for...

  5. heresiarch says:

    ew ew ew ew ew. note to self: never click on links from jwz. ever. i knew there would be furries on that website somewhere. and i never want to see dripping anthropomorphic dragon cock again! the toys might be nice enough, but ewwww.

  6. qtrnevermore says: friend who made the steam-vibe will find this amusing.
    The art of dildo apparently has no limits, but where is the tentacle monster?

  7. ammonoid says:

    Well if I ever wanted a model of an orca penis I know where to go.

  8. gryazi says:

    Don't knock 'em 'til you've tried 'em.

    In particular, the ZetaToys tiger is great for boys, from a functional-ergonomic perspective. Hopefully they'll bring it back in silicone.

  9. primordial1 says:

    I'm just looking at all those ridges and curves on 'the breeder' thinking that would be a great toy.

  10. spoonyfork says:

    I'm thinking a row of dolphin would be great for a coat rack.

  11. pir_anha says:

    whoa, baby. that's some fine use of 3D printing. i mean, minus the actual lecherous cartoon dragons -- but the toys are very cool.