The State of North Carolina vs. Joseph Carnevale

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  1. illyich says:

    It's too bad we have to punish people for being awesome.

    • gryazi says:

      Totally awesome, but not awesome for the construction company that's out $300 of barrels (maybe less, looks like two weren't really damaged). So this is their recourse to collect.

      I'm surprised it's a reasonable figure; if the sculpture's intact the publicity means he can settle and sell it for far more in profit, and the company gets made whole for their lost plastic.

      • xrayspx says:

        It's even more reasonable than you think. The barrels used for the legs aren't among the 3 he's being charged for, he used 3 barrels in the construction of the head, torso and arms.

        I really hope they just let him pay for the 5 barrels and keep the sculpture intact.

  2. cjensen says:

    If every there was a case for a pardon...

    • poitoi says:

      wow... i guess the cops there have nothing better to worry about.. ::eye roll::
      I think the construction company would be MUCH better off just making the cone-monster its new mascot...

      fucking weak.

      • vordark says:

        Hi, I would like to take your car, remove the doors, weld strange parts onto it and create an art project of it. I'm sure you wouldn't mind because I'm making a creative use of the materials. Obviously not enjoying the fact that I've turned your personal property into my own thing is weak, so kindly refrain from being upset.

        • spendocrat says:

          But duuuude, it's a business! Business owners don't need their property or money.

          I'd love to have so much money that it wouldn't matter if people trashed my stuff. Then I could get outraged about cops WASTING THEIR TIME WITH THESE KINDS OF THINGS.

          • poitoi says:


            I'm not even saying that the artist ahouldn't have to pay for the cones, my point is that i think it's retarded that they are using (apparently not)valuable time and money to investigate this "crime" and pressing charges.

            and I still stand by my statement that the business should just license the image and use it as their mascot. i KNOW it would make people slow down more than a bunch of plain cones.

        • poitoi says:

          if you can make my car doors super fucking awesome and still functional, than go for it. i wont even charge you. but you can only use parts from the car doors.

          I dont get the feeling that it would work out quite so well....

        • romulusnr says:

          Well, it's good that I have a few truckloads of extra cars, amidst the hundreds I have lying about the highway, about a double digit percent of which routinely get broken by traffic and road debris in the regular course of business.

          Yay for completely disproportionate analogies!

          • vordark says:

            So if you have lots of things, it's okay for me to do whatever I want with some of them?

            Yay for people completely missing the point!

            • neko_special says:

              Neverminding your completely disproportionate analogy, allow me to put this in your pipe so that you can smoke it:

              Hamlin Associates, the construction company whose barrels were turned into a monster, doesn't want to press charges.

              "We've had a fair amount of vandalism, but never anyone turn it into art," Company President Steven Hussey said. "I actually thought it was pretty neat."

              Hussey said the value of the publicity his company has received is well above the $365 cost of the traffic barrels that Carnevale used.

              "It's been positive publicity for us," he said. "If we'd known he'd do that good of a work, we'd have given him the barrels."

              The company even wants Joseph Carnevale to reconstruct the "monster" in their offices.

      • baconmonkey says:

        Perhaps you should present your thesis to some local businesses in the form of interpretive aeresol assisted pigment application. Be sure to leave contact info so people interested in subscribing to your newsletter. Might I suggest starting with 850 bryant st in SF, or possibly 375 11th st Let me know how that works out for you.

  3. hadlock says:

    Why would you even take this to court? Much cheaper to settle out of court for the cost of the barrels. I can't imagine winning unless he could prove he didn't do it.

  4. i_e_d says:

    Construction iz serious business.

  5. invokr says:

    I just cannot understand why you aren't in Bristol right now. Bansky filled a museum full of that shit.

    Furies and vermicular sausages, how can you resist to that‽

    • Yeah, Banksy is intelligent :D
      And what an excellent robot that guy built! It's a prank that really offends no one, but I guess vandalism is vandalism.
      But you see, he built (!) it - the barrels are owned by a construction company. Why couldn't they work out a motto that said they can build anything and use the robot as a mascot as mentioned before? I guess some people just aren't thinking of the possibilities at first (at all in this case). :)

  6. kimberley66 says:

    I would love to see it have a zombie counterpart taking a bite out of it. . .