Futuristic Movie Timeline

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  1. gordonzola says:

    hey, what about 1984?

    • jwz says:

      That is a notable oversight indeed!

      • jorm says:

        Agreed, but it would just be a blip on the image.

        There's lots of things missing from this (Terminator, for instance), I think, but it's a neat idea.

        • gwynjudd says:

          Well I never saw the movie, but in the book the year 1984 was just symbolic, it had been 1984 for as long as anyone could really tell, and probably it would always be 1984. Therefore, it could be just a blip, or maybe it would stretch out forever?

        • wisn says:

          Literally, since one of the "1984" movies was released in 1984, making a bar of zero length. The other "1984" was from 1956. And while I was looking that up, I found a mention of a teleplay shot in 1954. So you've got the same future with multiple pasts.

      • gordonzola says:

        it just seemed like a good place to start because it's dated in the title. I am not a completist! It's a good list.

  2. dali_drama says:

    has the world forgotten about SOLARBABIES?? what about cherry 2000?

    i'm taking my VHS tapes, and going home.

  3. flipzagging says:

    The Movie Timeline has an incomplete timeline of all movies. Here's 2010.

  4. mcity says:

    So many potential jokes. I think I'll start with "The spice must whoa."

  5. spoonyfork says:

    It should be interesting to see where The Forever War falls on this chart.

  6. Dennis says:

    I tried to watch The Running Man for the first time last week. Wow what a double governor pile of junk! Can you name other double governor movies? I only know of Batman and Robin and Predator each of which had the same two as The Running Man.

  7. strspn says:

    I want to see another axis with values plotted along the dystopia-utopia continuum.

  8. owyn says:

    It's the year of FREEJACK!

    Where are my shotgun toting nuns and brain transplants?

  9. djinnaya says:

    While we have missed many deadlines on this list, I feel confident that by 2017, we will have us back on track.

  10. purly says:

    There needs to be a graph like this for books.

  11. greatbiggary says:

    I always thought there should be a continuously updated database, probably user-submitted with some moderation that would contain every sci-fi date ever mentioned in books, comics, movies, tv shows, etc. People could sign up for email updates, and it would email you whenever it was a particular date of interest. On New Year's Day, it would email a happy new year newsletter with the year's info that isn't of a particular date. There'd be a monthly update informing of anything of a particular month+year, but with no date assigned. I think it should be script-accessible, so the most hardcore of nerds could use it to generate their own charts and timelines, or to find things like the number of days between 2 particular events. Countdown clocks are an obvious result.

  12. The Buck Rogers movie was set in 2491. Ignoring the series, Earth will be a single isolated dome on old Chicago, surrounded by wastelands and filthy mutants. I wonder how the mutant civilization feels about the white-suited, white-skinned genetic purists who go out and slaughter them en masse.

    Duck Dodgers is set in 2350, thus the lower-tech rockets which still have reverse.

  13. romulusnr says:

    [ music | Metric -- Twilight Galaxy ]

    see, I'd have gone with Zager & Evans - In The Year 2525.

  14. muhabbet says:

    Once again, both of the reviews on Spy Game were, in my view, off the mark. Neither of the reviews cited speak to one of the most important truths of this movie, a foundational truth