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  1. solarbird says:




  2. strathmeyer says:

    Hilarious, sometimes I forgot how wacko people who think that the past American Presidential elections were stolen really are.

  3. bifrosty2k says:

    So you're saying Ahmagonnajihad really won?

    • rmitz says:

      Actually, he probably did. What with the early polling data and what not, he should have won. Maybe it should have been closer, and maybe they did cheat even though they didn't need to, like Nixon. But he probably did win.

  4. sethg_prime says:

    Somebody has translated this into Farsi, right?

  5. seinjunkie says:

    Finally, someone else realizes how much of a sham Obama's election was.

  6. terpsichoros says:

    Incidental to the point of the cartoon, can anyone explain why the Iranian riot police shields say "POLICE", and not something in Farsi?

    • marapfhile says:

      pretty much everyone's police say "police" on their equipment--if the local alphabet is roman, they may use a localized form (polizei, etc.), but if not, they usually just say "police", in english.