dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein hell experiences a cold spell.

11 Responses:

  1. perligata says:

    Holy shit. YAY.

  2. radparker says:

    I like the sign. And that is some neat thinking, making a second sign out of the leftovers!

    • lionsphil says:

      Must have been some precise cutting, too. Although I suppose professional types are using CAD/CAM machines or something, rather than hacking inside the lines then filing it down like schoolchildren in D&T class.

      • vatine says:

        Probably CAD to do the design and then either a laser or water-jet cutter for parting things.

        • nester says:

          I was thinking Plasma, something like the plasmacam machine i have..

          nothing i love more than cutting out random things using electric arcs and compressed air.

  3. strspn says:

    Which one is the inverse sign?

    • dasht says:

      The one with the worse (more suitable for indoors) contrast level between the mesh and the foreground.

      Both are lovely work and as someone else said: hat tip to the artist dude who "up-sold" that way. It's going to rock, in a bit, when the one is mounted outside, the other inside, and patrons who haven't read this suddenly realize the hack that created the complementary signs. It's one of those things you see in the built environment that makes you think: "Wow, signs of intelligent life" - somewhat literally, in this case.


  4. i am suitably amazed.

    also, not sure which one looks better.

  5. pmb7777 says:

    Awesome. Done at TechShop on the CNC plasma cutter, I presume. Smart to simplify the text; I was wasting time thinking about how to deal with the intentional noise there in the logo.