he says, "I'll let you know when I get dialer.el working."

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Palm Pre

I finally got a Pre. It seems pretty sweet so far. (And the keyboard is great. Anyone you've heard complaining about it is crazy.) However, there are some things I have yet to figure out. That's where you come in, dear Lazyweb...

  1. I got incoming mail working (POP3 SSL, self-signed) but I can't get outgoing (SMTP TLS, PLAIN AUTH, self-signed) to work. Mostly the only error message I get is a red exclamation mark. Yesterday it was occasionally saying that I had the wrong password, which isn't true, but I can't tell how to get the Pre to show me, like, a debug log or anything.

      Update: Fixed: Turn off smtpd_helo_required.
  2. I have only a single mail server, but I have several email addresses. How do I select what to put in the "From" field of particular outgoing messages?

  3. Where is the "mark all messages read" command? Where is the "delete all messages" command?

  4. It does Google Chat, which means it speaks Jabber. How do I tell it to use Livejournal as my Jabber server instead of Google?

  5. Is there a way to set a different ring tone for text messages?

  6. I wish to have an archive of my phone's IM / SMS logs on my desktop computer. How?

  7. I wish to have an archive of my "Notes" on my desktop computer. How? And absent that, what happens if I lose my phone? Do all my Notes vanish? Because the docs seem to say that this mysterious "backup" business that it does to palm.com is for application settings only, not data.

  8. Maybe I missed it amongst the whopping three games in the app catalog, but where's Bubbels?

  9. I gather there is not yet an (outgoing) ssh application?

Things I have discovered:

  1. To make self-signed certs work, first you have to copy the certificate file to the Pre (drag it out of Keychain Access onto the Pre mounted as a drive) and then run Device Info and select Certificate Manager from the menu to import and trust it. The error message for "you didn't jump through hoops to authorize a self-signed cert" is "SSL error, check the date and time."
  2. As I said above, "Notes" on the device are apparently not synched anywhere accessible, and aren't visible on the file system. This led to the question of "how do I get my old notes into the phone?" Copy and paste only work with text fields, not the contents of mail messages or web pages. The only way I could think of to move my existing notes onto the device was to put them in dummy events in my calendar, then cut-and-paste from those calendar text fields to the Notes app. WTF.

  3. There's no way to delete all those built-in apps that you don't care about, like "NASCAR". But you can drag them to the very last page of the app list so that you never have to see them.

  4. The web browser doesn't scroll to #anchors on URLs. WTF. Though for this to be the first "WTF" I found about the web browser is kind of amazing.


  1. If you don't use Google Mail and Google Calendar, you need Missing Sync. That seems to be the only way to sync your Mac's contacts and calendar to a Pre without entrusting all of your data to Skynet.
  2. Missing Sync apparently syncs all of your calendars, even if you've told it only to select some of them. This means you probably want to unsubscribe from the gigantic SonicLiving iCal feed right now. It also ignores the "don't sync old events" option, and syncs absolutely everything back to the dawn of time.

  3. Missing Sync doesn't sync contact photos. Instead, it takes all your contact photos from Address Book and puts them in a photo gallery called "Contact Photos". That's, uh, useful.

  4. Missing Sync uses wifi to sync contacts and calendars, but requires the phone to be put in USB-drive mode to sync music and photos. THE DUMB, IT BURNS.

  5. Missing Sync is still flaky as hell. In fact, I might fairly categorize it as "only hints at the possiblity of barely fucking working at all". It may cause me to give up on my thus-far-complete unwillingness to create a Google account. But I sure hope not.

    For example, every now and then it chooses to take a subscribed calendar feed in iCal, copy it to the phone, and then copy it back to iCal as a regular calendar. And then the next time around, Missing Sync freaks out because now there are two calendars in iCal with the same name.

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