What robots do when you're not home


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  1. vxo says:

    I like how it traces a perfect mathematical nautilus figure before hitting something and switching over to its psuedo-random bouncing and wall following behaviors. For a device that really doesn't know where it is in space, it does a great job of ensuring good coverage of an unknown area.

    • netik says:

      That's a roomba going into it's extended clean mode, when the 'I found dirt!' system fires. It's goes into a circle and deeper clean mode.

      • vxo says:

        Nah, the spiral is one of its starting routines. Basically, when it starts, it randomly chooses one of ? algorithms. One of them is to assume a start in the middle and spiral outwards, simultaneously gaining some idea of the room's size, and cleaning a big swath in the middle.

        The dirt detect makes one small, tight circle, and fires a bright blue LED.

      • vxo says:

        Err.. ok, said observations are based on the Discovery w/ original firmware. I don't know what they're like now, other than having better escape systems.

  2. stiobhan says:

    I, for one, welcome our creeping rug-sucking overlords.

  3. paulinahtoo says:

    how in the world did you generate this image? its mesmerizing..

  4. mooflyfoof says:

    That's AWESOME.

  5. hadlock says:

    I saw this and wondered, "how did he get the battle map from BSG projected on his bedroom floor?"

  6. boggyb says:

    I am going to have to try that, once I fix my Roomba's circle dancing problem.

  7. randomwalter says:

    I'm just impressed with the appropriate choice of music.

  8. That's what my cat does, too. Only it uses all the furniture surfaces, too, and does not suck.