San Francisco's Top 10 sex scandals

Including such gems as "Cable car nymph":
It was supposed to be a routine trip on the Hyde Street cable car in 1964, the 29-year-old woman said. But when the car lurched and she was heaved against a pole, the collision "somehow unleashed emotions hidden deep in the dark closet of her mind," The Chronicle reported - and thus was born "The cable car nymphomaniac". The woman sued Muni for $500,000 six years later, saying her injuries had triggered an insatiable sexual desire that drove her to take 100 lovers, leaving her perpetually unsatisfied. Reporters left her name out of news accounts, to protect her privacy, referring to her instead by her nickname, or as "the buxom blonde" from Michigan. She was awarded $50,000 by a jury, whose members said they hoped she would use it for counseling.
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4 Responses:

  1. kalischild says:

    Wow. That's $500 per lover.

    I wish.

  2. takeapeek says:


  3. rodgerd says:

    I hadn't realised it was based on reality.

  4. hafnir says:

    A guy I used to know who did the music behind the performance in the Whiskey-A-no-no portion (the last one) told me something like he didn't have to pay for drinks for weeks 'cause people were so amused they did that.