dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein I tell you all about the neo-prohibitionists.

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  1. heresiarch says:

    apparently, i used to work upstairs from the Marin Institute. had no idea what they did, though.

  2. allartburns says:

    At what point do you pack it in and find a new hometown? I heard the Portland scene is pretty happening, but I suspect they're overrun with ex-Cali regulatory nutjobs.

    • blech says:

      Doesn't the whole of the US have a puritan / prohibitionist history, though? The minimum drinking age is 21 everywhere, after all. (Apparently Louisiana held out until the federal government tied the roads budget to changing the legal drinking age. That was the end of that.)

    • pavel_lishin says:

      At what point do you realize that you're all out of new hometowns?

    • jwz says:

      That post was all about national organizations, dude.

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    "a massively endowed temperance-oriented organization"

    Hmm... I don't like the temperance part, but I have to admit I'm intrigued by the other thing...

  4. dasht says:

    Follow the money to the Buck Trust and its history to see what you are up against and get some hints as to why. Also note the academic studies about Buck Trust as an example of a poorly formed trust gone wrong.


    • sheilagh says:


      They sound like a piece of work :(

      • dasht says:

        The legal action of the San Francisco Foundation described in that old book reached a conclusion: the foundation lost. Control was given to the "Marin Community Foundation" which gives about $250MM to the Marin Institute who advocate for higher alcohol taxes. The Marin Institute also reports funding from the "California Endowment" and unnamed private donors. Board membership on the Marin Institute is interesting in a lot of ways but I won't editorialize beyond that. The professional (presumably paid) staff are mostly NPO/advocacy-group careerists.

        Reading from the news links that Marin Institute puts up they apparently get a lot of political mileage from a perception in Marin that a lot of the teens in the county spend large parts of most days drinking, sometimes Ma or Pa will rent out a beach house for an alcohol party for the kids, etc. All of this, we are asked to understand, is mainly the result of the alcoholic beverage industry targeting these kids.

        JWZ summed it up well: "You don't like them."


  5. amonkeyboy says:

    There several parallels to the positions and tactics used to discourage/ban smoking.