What's in the Box?

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  1. lionsphil says:

    'Tis brilliant, that one; both in general quality of compositing effects, and in the little touches, like the CBI flashing up a BSOD for about two frames as it's removed.

    (It also contains Half-Life references which have made some very obsessive types go hunt down things like the Google Maps location where it was filmed, and the research papers used for background text gribble on the website.)

  2. wtf?

    creepy and cool!

  3. kencf0618 says:

    Brilliant panic!

  4. pezking124 says:

    Yep. That's what playing through Half-Life 2 is like.

  5. radparker says:

    What the fuck is that, and how do I find more of it?

  6. candid says:

    I must be old, because it made me motion sick.

  7. aris1234 says:

    Seems to be linked to this.


    Some sort of viral video to advertise for something I presume?

  8. line_noise says:

    OK, I've spent far too much time trying to figure out what this all means and I'm not getting anywhere.

    http://www.whatsinthebox.nl/ seems to be related. Click on the left side of the circle to play a news report about the "disaster". There is some reversed speech at the end that I haven't unreversed yet. Click on the right hand side of the circle to show some newspaper clippings. Click on some of the letters in the headlines to highlight them. They give you the letters that spell "EXPOSED". Hover the mouse over the bottom part of the circle and some cycling hex numbers appear. Click on the bottom part of the circle and a text box appears that seems to be expecting you to type in some sort of code.

    Also, on the http://babel-research.eu/ site there's some hidden MP3 files at http://babel-research.eu/snd/hidden.mp3 and http://babel-research.eu/snd/discedoMalum.mp3. They also have reversed speech that I haven't unreversed yet.

    I hope it's not just some lame viral video for a phone company or something!

  9. fantasygoat says:

    Everything was great except that weird burst from the cube to the singularity thing at the beginning. That seemed unrealistic for some reason.

  10. roninspoon says:

    I kept expecting this to end with a demand to buy the second generation Zune.

    Is Half-Life 2 now the de rigueur composite for dystopia sound effects?

  11. I saw this a while ago and nothing has come of it since. It's probably just some Half-Life student project, but if it's actually something substantial I hope to see more from it soon.

  12. elliterati says:


    Entirely unrelated, but is there anything up with the mixtapes? I missed listening to it this week. Thanks!