I think it's time to admit that I'm done doing the mixtapes.

I got busy and fell behind, and suddenly a month had gone by. Every weekend since I've said to myself, "yeah, this week for sure" and it just keeps not happening. Oh well. I'd have liked to have gone to a rounder number like 99, but I guess 75 isn't a bad run.

The lack of comments always made it feel like only five people were listening anyway.*

* No, this is not me trolling for you to say "I listened! I just had nothing to say!"

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45 Responses:

  1. lafinjack says:

    I didn't listen! Also, I have nothing to say!

  2. solarbird says:

    75 is a lot. Well done.

  3. pete23 says:

    Thank you for taking the time. Plenty of interesting stuff.

  4. greatevil says:

    this is me thanking you.

  5. prog says:

    Thank you for making them; they were fun and educational.

    Whenever you feel like making more, I'll be pleased to once again enjoy with extreme tacitness.

  6. jered says:

    Thanks for doing them. I hope you still do "special editions" occasionally to introduce new music... that was the big thing I got from them, but towards the end my music collection seems to have caught up. (I have the same problem with Pandora, last.fm etc; within a month or two they have nothing new to provide.)

  7. morallybass says:

    I don't have the reference with me, but I think mixtape 73 (whichever had Foals, Oh No! Oh My!, Thieves Like Us) was really amazing. One of my friends at work was playing it in the office and it completely caught my ear. It was a really great mixtape that opened up my ears to 3-4 new bands I'd never listened to. Thanks for that.

  8. logic_lj says:

    I listened, I had nothing to say, and thanks for posting them in the first place. :) Now I need a new place to source odd-but-strangely-likable music.

  9. dormando says:

    Huh. Oh well. Thanks for putting your time into it. I enjoyed hearing new shit, and every other mix tended to hit my liking.

    Is it possible to get the track listing for some of the older mixes? I understand legal feces around keeping the actual mixes up, but it seems like I lost the track lists I was keeping. :/

    • ben_zine says:

      dormando, it turns out that there are several enthusiastic fans who have conveniently aggregated track lists in reverse chronological order. You may meet with some success by entering two words into your favourite search engine, such as the alias of the kind fellow who compiled the track lists in the first place and the name he gave to these compilations.

      Or you may not. Who knows?

  10. pfrank says:

    Nice work. I didn't listen to them all, but from what I did listen to I found a couple of things I really liked and that stuck with me (HeXane comes to mind)

  11. I will miss the free 'zak.

  12. macguyver says:

    It's hard to appreciate quality in quantity.

  13. j_b says:

    Thanks for what you did put together.

  14. mysterc says:

    I just found a box of blank TDK cassetes and thought of this. Oh well.

  15. mhoye says:

    Yeah, thanks for doing this. It's introduced me to a lot of great music that I feel like I should have known about for years.

  16. stiobhan says:

    They were fun. Thanks.

  17. nelc says:

    I'm going to chip in and say thanks, as well. They were a good listen.

  18. lindseykuper says:

    I had to stop listening because there was so much. It was great, but it was too much to absorb. I feel bad complaining that listening was too much work when you were actually curating the damn things, but.

    Anyway, if you decided to put them in reruns, I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it, though quietly.

    • the_brad says:


      I wish they were available offline, but having read through the entirety of the reasons why they're not, I understand why. I wish I wasn't lazy with wget. :(

  19. cowmix says:

    I stopped listening to new music around 1991 so your mix tapes were my link to the 'outside' world.

    It was a good run.

  20. houdini_cs says:

    Thanks for all of them.

  21. ammonoid says:

    Thanks for all of them. I learned about a bunch of new music that way.

  22. ben_zine says:

    I'm sorry to see the series come to an end.

    Thanks very much for putting them together and hosting them.

    Kudos on drawing it to a definitive close rather than letting it fade away.

  23. wire_on_fire says:

    Every time you post one, I keep leaving it unread on my RSS reader so that I'd remember to listen to it. And then I'd never get around to listening to it.

    What's the legality of you posting your re-runs? It worked for Star Trek. :D

  24. psr says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed a lot of them a lot. Sometimes I wished I could skip tracks, but not often. It's been good for my sanity at work.

    They will be missed

  25. hasimir says:

    Thanks for the 75 tapes you did do. They have been very good and, um, will remain so. ;)

  26. telecart says:

    Thanks for the mixtapes, good job.

  27. fleshmeatstg says:

    I have to agree with one of the posters above. Since I couldn't seek without using non-existent programs that I'm not allowed to use and didn't have the time to figure out, I never took the time to sit down for an hour and a half and just listen to music.

    Is there any chance of, after all the other bullshit you're dealing with goes away or at least dies down, to get "best of" mixes that run about half an hour? On behalf of all your lazy/ADD fans I thank you in advance.

  28. katerv says:

    I'll miss the mixtapes. They were a great source of new music and I truly appreciate you having posted them for as long and as often as you did. Thanks for making them.

  29. I did listen! I also discovered several new bands through them, and I thank you for that.

  30. wronghunter says:

    Another voice to the thanks bandwagon. I especially appreciate the introduction to Say Hi To Your Mom.

  31. elliterati says:

    I have you to thank for introducing me to Gotye, New Young Pony Club, Say Hi to Your Mom, and that's just off the top of my head.

    And for any RIAA or affiliated people listening out there, know that I did in fact legally purchase many things based upon their inclusion in these mixtapes.


  32. waider says:

    Ta, I now have several albums I would not otherwise have known to buy.

    Also, boo hiss, I'd finally gotten around to scripting the process by which these things made it into my ear canal. Timing, they tell me, is everything.

  33. boredatheist says:

    On average, I probably listened to each mix tape about 3-5 times.

    You're not going to take this as a compliment: I never listen to music while I sleep, but for some reason your mix tapes were always great for taking naps. I would lay on my back and close my eyes and... sleep? Enter a weird pleasant quasi-sleep state.

    I had actually started to mark time using your tapes. Makes me sad they're finished. Everything gets tired and fades away.

  34. zoldang says:

    Thanks, it was helpful. Different music than I normally listen to. I liked Gram Rabbit, March Violets, Cibo Matto, IO Echo, Whale, Simian Mobile Disco, Stolen Babies, and Betty X, for example.

  35. Any thoughts about replaying them all once from the beginning? I missed out on them for the first 20 or so. ;_;
    69 was probably my personal favorite, but you know how that goes. :)
    and 42 i think too. :)
    Introduced me to a lot of music I never would have heard otherwise.


  36. kevinspencer says:

    I listened. Loved. Listened some more. Found new audio awesomeness. Bought stuff. Loved. So thanks are in order. Hope you resurrect the idea at some point.

  37. n0man says:

    Thanks! I enjoyed them very much, and discovered lots of new music through them.

  38. spendocrat says:

    Thanks for doing them while you did!

  39. derrialbook says:

    maybe blip.fm? assuming it had any of the music you'd put on a mix tape? less overhead.

  40. micheinnz says:

    Thank you. Because of the mixtapes I now have a lot of awesome music I wouldn't have otherwise heard of.

    And 75 is a damn fine round number in its own right.