Please don't twirl the microphone.

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13 Responses:

  1. simoncion says:

    May one twirl the mic that one has brought from home?

  2. elevatordown says:

    I love the tilt of the mic in this picture. It's almost like the person holding it was about to twirl it, but paused for a moment when they saw the sign.

  3. As an audio engineer, twirling the mic is prbably my #1 pet peeve.

  4. waxpancake says:

    "David Lee Roth, this means you."

  5. cryptomail says:

    Honestly, I thought it was 'helicoptering', and any punk singer would do it even more feverishly when told not to :)

  6. ladykalessia says:

    On the off-chance you're still looking, a gent I know just announced that his shirt business is now online. I can't speak to the quality, but that chart might be useful for comparison purposes.