San Francisco, South of Market icon for sale.

After serving for 18 years as a SOMA landmark for San Franciscans, the giant tomato is available for sale. It is huge and ready to be hung or displayed by the buyer. It is hollow metal and in great condition. Original cost was $5,000. Asking price: $1,500. The tomato is still hanging at 489 Third Street, San Francisco (cross street Bryant).
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7 Responses:

  1. ivorjawa says:

    you're buying it, right?

  2. jgcr says:

    My little company is in this building, and we are very sad at the prospect of losing the tomato.

  3. lafinjack says:

    It'd be cool if someone bought it and just left it there.

  4. editer says:

    And people say ...

  5. drkscrtlv says:

    Who knew that your signage issues could be solved as easily as renaming the DNA "The Big Tomato Lounge".