dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein a piano walks into a bar, and...

4 Responses:

  1. 0ntological says:

    Eric Lewis was amazing.

  2. djmermaid says:

    I *really* wanted to go to this, but by the time I heard about it, we'd already made plans to be elsewhere.

    throw yourself a proper benefit, with some advance notice and I bet you'll pack the place to the rafters!

    • jwz says:

      We have basically zero ability (or time) to promote events ourselves. That's why we work with outside promoters: they throw the parties, we run the bar and security. And none of them are volunteering. "Throw a proper benefit" is far, far easier said than done.

  3. dasht says:

    I found him via Ted before he showed up at DNA and now I am sad I did not notice he'd be there at DNA - that'd have been a "must go".

    The really, really greats - like this guy - wind up with these outrageously large "vocabularies" of gestures upon their instruments and then when they start saying stuff in that language it's just ... well, you saw it and I don't know any good enough word.

    Patzer musicians like me who never practice enough or never practice well enough get a set of "tricks" so we can play various things but these good players - the instrument just becomes part of the nervous system and muscle system. They own the thing like they own their own body. They are thinking in higher-level abstractions, making smart music, and the actual playing just flows. They breath through it. They gesticulate through it. They ache through it. It's the conversion of a piano into an aspect of a human. Gah! I can't be corny enough to do it justice (good effort though, yeah?).

    I always wanted software to admit that kind of craft and I still do but it's not there yet. Just little flashes and hints of the possibility when you see someone's beautiful hack.