dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein Green Day plays, and RealVideo is on the chopping block.

10 Responses:

  1. greyface says:

    So... the New York Times thinks DNA holds 500 people. The Tribune thinks 1000.

    You say it took 15 minutes, The New York Times gives 20 minutes to sell out and the Tribune believes that the show didn't sell out until just about show-time.

    Who's right? How to rectify these inconsistent stories? Woe is me, *handwringing*

    Newspapers, even digital ones, scare me

    • jwz says:

      We always hold back a few tickets to sell at the door for shows that are sold out online.

      • greyface says:

        See, why should I do footwork, when the truth actually makes sense? Who wants a world like that!

        Also, I'd look a lot less stupid if I paid attention to the world.

  2. radparker says:

    Green Day? Wild.

  3. rodgerd says:

    ...given your recent troubles, or they just like DNA?

    (Or did you finally get that effective booker?)

  4. Overheard outside the show:
    "So, what's he the sherrif OF???"

  5. omni_ferret says:

    What kind of specs do you need on the Real box?

  6. I don't have access to any logs that would tell me the relative popularity of either the Justin.tv or RealVideo streams, so I can't really tell whether anyone is watching either of them.

    Your justin.tv channel page says the stream has been viewed 185,870 times. It's actually been viewed by that number of unique IP addresses (we sort some lists on the site by #views, and don't want to make it too easy to game them). From what I've seen, you usually have 2 or 3 viewers at any given time, and anything from a dozen to a few hundred when there's a show on. These are good numbers relative to the general population of justin.tv broadcasters.