Bigwheel 9


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3 Responses:

  1. skreidle says:

    Truly, a sight to behold. :D

  2. fatherbingo says:

    you wonder why the city is a "nanny state?" Ever wonder ig it's because juvenile bullshit like this? How old are we? 30's? late 20's? Time to grow the fuck up and stop busting out shit that made you feel good when you were 5. This is not "cool." this is juvenile bullshit. i wish the cops shut it down.

    Hey! Here's an idea! Let's have a bunch of events that doesn't haven a thing to do with "remember the 80s!" or reveling in Nintendo-culture or trying to one "cool-up" someone else in the mission and let's see how fast stupid nannys laws stop. Because right now, shit like this is a bunch of 30 somethings ACTING LIKE RETARTED CHIRLDREN.

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