I think it's time to admit that I'm done doing the mixtapes.

I got busy and fell behind, and suddenly a month had gone by. Every weekend since I've said to myself, "yeah, this week for sure" and it just keeps not happening. Oh well. I'd have liked to have gone to a rounder number like 99, but I guess 75 isn't a bad run.

The lack of comments always made it feel like only five people were listening anyway.*

* No, this is not me trolling for you to say "I listened! I just had nothing to say!"

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DNA Lounge: Wherein a piano walks into a bar, and...

Photos are now up of Hubba Hubba Revue, Caroline & Mole's wedding, and of a last-minute free show we had this Saturday, a piano performance by Eric Lewis.

He was incredible. My friend Cyan messaged me the night before looking for a venue for him to play a free show, and we managed to put it together at the last minute. The tricky part was, we had to fit a piano through our front door, which I wouldn't have thought was possible, since there are two turns in that hallway. But, once they took the legs off, it went right in!

Check out this video of his performance at TED. Apparently he's playing at the White House in a few weeks.

We tried to bill this show as a fundraiser for the legal defense fund, but, uh, let's just say that didn't really work out so well.