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In lieu of a mixtape, here are some new-ish music videos I enjoy.

Please enjoy (what has been retconned to be) jwz mixtape 076.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we find press, videos, fonts, and crap that may or may not be crap.

Here's a nice article on the Eric Lewis show in the Guardian UK. Besides reviewing the show, the author also adds:

I'm not kidding, ABC actually used the phrases "lewd behavior" and "injurious to the public welfare and morals". In San Francisco. In 2009. Eat that, Lenny Bruce.

Yeah, I still boggle at that, too.

There are also some good video clips of the show on Youtube; I've added those to the photo gallery.

I've started collecting links to DNA Lounge in the press in a somewhat less haphazard manner than previously. Let me know if you come across any.

I also changed the front page of dnalounge.com a bit to hype the legal defense fund in a more "designy" way. Yeah, I put up an image with text in it because I wanted it to be in the proper font. What have I become.

I think this Facebook Connect commenting crap might be crap. I still can't make the colors be right, and I don't see any way to get it to notify me when people post new comments, which makes it pretty useless.


Six hundred series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy.

"At Jakarta's international airport, a thermal scanner
checked passenges' temperatures."
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DNA Lounge: Wherein I bow to the Facebook Hegemon and invite shitcockery.

Trying out something new: Facebook recently released Facebook Connect, which makes it relatively easy to add a "comments" box to any web page. The comments appear embedded in the page, but are actually stored on Facebook. So, I've added that to the blog, here. Click on the "Comments" link below to see them.

What do you think? Let me know how it works.

Also: I'd like the comments box to match the color scheme on this page, but I can't figure out how to do that. I'm passing the css= attribute to the fb:comments tag, but either it's not loading that CSS file at all, or I guessed wrong about what the class names are. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, or show me an example of a site that uses Facebook Connect and manages to change the color scheme of the embedded comment area?


single-bit HUD

"The display has not yet been turned on while the rabbits are wearing the lenses," he said. So far, the group has been able to light up and control a single pixel.

Previously, previously.

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I think it's time to admit that I'm done doing the mixtapes.

I got busy and fell behind, and suddenly a month had gone by. Every weekend since I've said to myself, "yeah, this week for sure" and it just keeps not happening. Oh well. I'd have liked to have gone to a rounder number like 99, but I guess 75 isn't a bad run.

The lack of comments always made it feel like only five people were listening anyway.*

* No, this is not me trolling for you to say "I listened! I just had nothing to say!"

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DNA Lounge: Wherein a piano walks into a bar, and...

Photos are now up of Hubba Hubba Revue, Caroline & Mole's wedding, and of a last-minute free show we had this Saturday, a piano performance by Eric Lewis.

He was incredible. My friend Cyan messaged me the night before looking for a venue for him to play a free show, and we managed to put it together at the last minute. The tricky part was, we had to fit a piano through our front door, which I wouldn't have thought was possible, since there are two turns in that hallway. But, once they took the legs off, it went right in!

Check out this video of his performance at TED. Apparently he's playing at the White House in a few weeks.

We tried to bill this show as a fundraiser for the legal defense fund, but, uh, let's just say that didn't really work out so well.


bugged bug

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A Place to Bury Strangers

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nice things, and the no can hassing of them

I thought you might be interested in what happens to computing machinery around me. It's part of a field that I emit. Or perhaps a secretion. But I think it's a field. A failfield. I have been using this particular keyboard for just under eight years:

Yes, those keys used to say "N" and "M" on them. Wearing the paint off your keycaps? That's for amateurs. Not only do I wear the paint off, I inadvertently carve scars into the plastic. But it's the left "Alt" key that deserves special notice:

It is nearly worn through. That's just how meta I am, man.

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