Sound guy is lousy - first time that has been the case here!

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  1. dasht says:

    It's really refreshing to hear reports from SXSW that make excellent use of the event, as opposed to just riffing on how cool the reporter must be for being there.

    Don't get me wrong: the event would not be as good without the hipsters from the tech industry. They matter. No, really. It's just nice to see reporting about substance rather than about the coincidence of their gathering.


  2. reify says:

    Jesus wow. Between this and your last few posts - I didn't know it was even scientifically possible to rock out in full daylight, but here I am presented with photographic evidence to the contrary, and... yeah.

    I particularly like this photo. It's almost like it has comic-book motion lines emanating from where her pick meets the strings.

    More, please!