Turtle Rape Shoe

I understand that this is also what it sounds like when doves cry.

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37 Responses:

  1. giles says:

    Dig if you will the picture
    Of shoe and I engaged in a kiss

  2. elena says:

    Thats a new way to look at shoe fetishes.

    You see, I'd give this one the furry tag. ;)

  3. sushispook says:

    you know, i never wondered what it would sound like if care bears had sex, and thanks to this, now i know.

  4. buz says:

    I could feel the same way about certain Fluevogs, but some beat-up old Adidas? REALLY! Have some TASTE!

  5. zoi_no_miko says:

    This is so bizarre and cute.

  6. whittles says:

    It's got a very "I think I can, I THINK I can!" kind of feel to it.
    Go, little turtle go!

  7. illyich says:

    If I owned that turtle, I would reaname him Dignity.

  8. 0ntological says:

    I like turtles

  9. Did the turtle move for you, too?

  10. Cute video. Poor guy is trying to bite the shoe laces for some reason.

  11. You know, and then he just walks off and leaves her when he's done. How rude. I mean, the shoe has feelings too.

    No, wait...

  12. cacepi says:

    Me and my Adidas do the illest things.

  13. ekesobriquet says:

    I didn't know they sounded like that. I always imagined that they sounded more deep-voiced and slow, like Eeyore.

  14. vomitrocity says:

    For some reason I feel really bad for the tortoise.

    I can't figure out why.

  15. nvrlnd says:

    Clearly this needs to be re-dubbed with that stupid Korn "ADIDAS - All Day I Dream About Sex" song

  16. cheruborg says:

    the turtle lives twixt plated decks
    which practically conceal its sex
    I think it clever of the turtle
    in such a fix to be so fertile

    - ogden nash