The weather is now perfect.

40 degree temperature increase in 2 days!

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10 Responses:

  1. pavel_lishin says:

    Man, I miss that skyline.

  2. jonabbey says:

    Welcome to our humble city, and its amazing, ever changing weather.

  3. mouseworks says:

    And the city is slowing melting?

  4. oh hell yes. I am playing hooky for sure - this weekeday=nice weekend=nasty thing is for the birds. you out of towners are lucky!

  5. landley says:

    Austin has six weeks of winter every year, which works out to a little over 40 days. They're not _remotely_ consecutive.

  6. hadlock says:

    Congrats on photographing the only notable building (Frost Bank Building) in downtown. For the capitol of one of the largest states in the nation, Austin's downtown is rather disappointing.

  7. asianbee says:

    its ironic to me that i now see your posts. i was there as well. 18th to the 23rd. amazing and breathtaking. i love the atx skyline. soon to be a new home.

    hope you enjoyed atx and sxsw as i did.