Six-Word Reviews of 1,302 SXSW MP3s

Paul Ford has done it again. His diversions include:
Indie bands have started clapping, and electroclash groups have become ever-more reliant on the 808 handclap. The handclap in its organic glory (or simulation thereof) should insert a hopeful note, like a brisk, playful fox-terrier jumping into the middle of the stage. But repeated often enough handclaps are hell. They are the musical equivalent to tiny lizards biting off your eyebrows.


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5 Responses:

  1. elliterati says:

    This one caught my eye:

    Dead Luke
    Punk · Madison, WI
    The Walking Dead
    Distortion. Now you have two problems.

  2. editer says:

    I started a similar project but (of course) had to quit partway through. We rarely agreed, it turns out, on the ones I did review. Dunno if that says more about the arbitrariness of ratings and taste or the value of extensive knowledge of music, which Ford has and I don't.

  3. wikkit42 says:

    I went to SF last weekend for the first time and went to the DNA on Friday. It's a good spot, though smaller than I expected. More geeks than I expected too, but I guess you have a reputation.

    I went to a few other bars in the city over the weekend, and I have to say I don't see what's special about your place that you couldn't run it as a bar on uneventful nights. Everywhere else was packed an had a minimum of service, or less.

  4. luserspaz says:

    I've been slowly working through his list like I did last year, downloading most of the tracks that he rated 4 or 5 and listening to them. It's pretty hit-or-miss for me, which makes me wonder if my ratings and his really have a lot of correlation. I guess ideally I would just listen to every track, but I really don't care to spend that much time. This would probably be easier if there was a streaming web player that would cycle through all the tracks, but let me star some for a second listen and possible download later. All the mp3s are clearly available online, but is there an RSS feed or M3U playlist or some other sort of machine-readable data that I could generate a playlist from?

    • omni_ferret says:

      His reviews last year actually made me double-guess some last year, sometimes lessening the enjoyment of them. I'm not reading his reviews until I finish the second listen of the tracks I liked a bit the first time around.

      As for playlists, I got the torrents, set up some smart playlists (I'd recommend "unplayed & not skipped" first), & started slogging through them.