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The Yelp Tee: Almost More Brilliant Than Pizzeria Delfina's Pizza

Genius idea: The worst of Yelp's reviews now gracing the tees at Pizzeria Delfina.

Delfina is taking back the night, so to speak. Instead of simply bitching about Yelp, they've made Yelp their bitch and taken quotes from one-star reviews posted on Yelp about the pizzeria and made them into T-shirts for their staff to wear. (They also have one that simply says, "This place sucks," a quote from yet another typically eloquent and insightful Yelp review.)


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24 Responses:

  1. So when do the DNA versions come out?

  2. pauraque says:

    This is awesome. Yelp is a total racket, I hope more people realize that soon.

  3. carnivillain says:

    Your staff needs shirts that read:


    I'd buy one. Though this might not help your court case.

  4. takeapeek says:

    Hahaha what an awesome idea. I swear that website is nothing but an object for some people to bitch at.

  5. boonedog says:

    Hopefully they won't get sued for copyright infringement like when Sarah Mclachlan used a fans obsessed letters to write the song Possession. Aaaah ... our civil court system.

  6. sheilagh says:

    feel free to delete my comment.

    more to the point, the one above:

    just about *has* to be viagra-link spam, with a couple dozen variants of and (sorry, I'm not clicking any of them to double-check!)

    • jwz says:

      Thanks, I missed that one. So sick of playing whack-a-mole with the spammers on LJ. Turning on kapchas didn't even work. This continuing nonsense brings me one step closer to giving up on LJ entirely.

      • sheilagh says:

        (or develop) a community suite that offers old-school LJ goodness without the worse of "2.0", please post about it in LJ, before going?

        can't bring myself to facebook and yet miss the traffic levels of decent LJ posts of yore. yammer sounds like it might foster real conversation, but focused on business audiences, it isn't going to have the wild wierdness and openness that LJ can support.