mixtape 072

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 072.
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  1. strspn says:

    Okay I'm feeling bad about almost always listening and hardly ever commenting, so here I am on track 07, Wall of Voodoo -- Ring of Fire (1980), in a very familiar situation so I'll just state it before I forget like I almost always do: I really liked tracks 01-06; so much that they were helping me psychologically do stuff I had to get done while listening. But this track I just don't get. I know it's a Johnny Cash cover but so what? It seems out of place, way different emotionally, and frankly I just don't like it much. Parts of it I like but maybe the thing that gets me the most is how much it seems different from tracks 01-06, which again I really liked. I expect that by the time track 08 gets half way through I will have completely forgotten how I feel about track 07.

    And yes, track 08, Silversun Pickups -- Common Reactor (2006) is now playing and I like it, it's a great song, I like the vocals, the lyrics as much as I can make them out, the melody, the backing, it's good like 01-06. Okay well I don't like how it's ending for the last maybe 1:15 of track 08, but now it's over and track 09 is fine too. Once the drums and lead guitars picked up on track 09, The Big Sleep -- Bad Blood (2008), I like it again.

    And now I can't even remember the first thing about track 07. I honestly have to scroll back and read what I wrote to even remember the first thing about why I didn't like it, or even what it was.

    This always happens.

    I play a mixtape, like about 95% of it, but don't feel right commenting because I can't remember anything about the parts I didn't like. This time is different because I consciously caught it instead of letting it slip through my fingers as usual.

    Well, so, I'm not sure how I feel about track 10, The Raveonettes -- Aly, Walk with Me (2008). Eh. Maybe I'll just cut my losses and click "Post Comment" now.

    • strspn says:

      P.S. Update: I really liked tracks 11-20. As usual, there were only those few parts, track 07 and the last 1:15 of track 08, that I didn't like. I remain indifferent towards the first 0:20 of track 09 and all of track 10.

      Track 17, Freezepop -- Afterparty (2007), I especially liked because (A) I could understand all the lyrics, which never happens -- generally no matter the genre, backing volume, singer's gender, etc., I can usually make out only 20% of lyrics; and (B) those lyrics made me laugh and smile.

      I know the styles changed radically around track 12 or so, but I still think I didn't like track 07 more because it stuck out as different after 01-06 more than if I had heard it in isolation, but I still wouldn't have liked it that way. I like Johnny Cash and Johnny Cash covers generally, but not that one. Again though, if I hadn't written it down while it was happening, I wouldn't even be able to remember. If that didn't happen so often I would be commenting a lot more. I wonder if it's the same with other people.

  2. neko_special says:

    That Raveonettes song is still one of my current favorites.

    Plus there's, you know...