Metreon deathwatch

I love the comments at the bottom -- apparently Fourth and Mission is a terrifying place where civilized people should never go without armed guards.

"They mostly come at night. Mostly."


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  1. maxmin says:

    Yes, apparently to hold back the zombie hordes.

  2. fo0bar says:

    View of the future: The entrance to the Metreon in SoMa is currently on the corner of Fourth and Mission streets, but will be moved to the middle of the block on Fourth.

    My office was at Kearny & Sutter (so I came via 3rd), which probably influenced my views... but I always pictured the Metreon as an extension to Yerba Buena Gardens, and hence always attacked it from the northeast, through the gardens.

  3. revsphynx says:

    I normally hold the opinion that allowing comments on news stories is what is causing the lessened readership of newspapers because no sane person would want to be lumped in with the type of people that normally leaves the xenophobic, racist diatribes that are the everyday fare of online news bloggers.

    However the zombie horde comments have caused me to re-evaluate that position.

    • Your theory doesn't hold up; sane people avoiding the comment cesspits of the online version should be flocking to the print version.

      • ... that's exactly what I've done after moving to Maine. Reading the articles with comments on is simply too painful, I don't have the discipline to look away from the train wreck of bitter retired folks with too much free time.

        And then with the print version I play a depressing game of 'count the non-wire-service bylines'.

  4. kou says:

    "There are teenage boys weeping all over The City about the demise of the PlayStation store," Commissioner Francee Covington said during the hearing.

    Wow, didn't know SF had sooo many emos ;)

    • belgand says:

      I sincerely doubt it. They didn't have any demos you couldn't just download onto your PS3 and what they actually sold was generally more expensive than you'd pay elsewhere. It seemed like a nice idea, but in practice I never found it to have much point. Maybe for big release parties or such, but that's it.

  5. belgand says:

    The only thing scary about that intersection is the asshole with the PA screaming about god and how wrong it is to be gay.

  6. yaycozebri says:

    zombie horde? hmmm