Many machines on Ix.

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10 Responses:

  1. merovingian says:

    Whatever happened to Thou Shalt Not Make A Machine In The Image Of The Human Mind?

    That's it, I'm starting another Butlerian Jihad.

  2. g_na says:

    There are at least two robots in pic #30.

  3. bax says:

    I know the guy holding up that face.

    It's such a strange, small world.

  4. #6: Good to see we're developing new high-tech responses to the ever-present terrorist water bottle threat.

  5. jkow says:

    There's a video showing the robot making ice tea here. Btw: It was build by the German pendant to NASA.

  6. heliocide says:

    only a matter of time before the Tleilaxu get in on the act...