MacOS 7 on iPhone!

But can it run Netscape?

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24 Responses:

  1. djmermaid says:



  2. yan_1976 says:

    this is wrong on so many levels )))

  3. mackys says:

    The hell with Netscape, can it run Dark Castle!

  4. joshc says:

    heh. i assumed it was a bunch of wallpapers.

  5. amaranthyne says:

    omg! the possibility of playing Mahjong Parlor again might make it worth getting an iPod touch (the poor girl's iPhone).

    Mahjong Parlor is practically the only game ever to successfully simulate real, 4-person Mahjong. :D

    • inoah says:

      That iphone is probably running some port of BasiliskII or SheepShaver. Which you can run on practically any desktop already, including OSX. So there's no reason to go out and get an ipod just for this.

      • lionsphil says:

        QEMU, by the looks of it, so it's faking it like a cheap floozy. (Not that there's much alternative in this case.) Last I knew, adaquate PPC system emulation was still a development branch, though.

  6. kou says:

    I want to see the cherry bomb icon when you try to access an ejected disk.

    Also, flying toasters AFTER DARK.

    • ommadawn says:

      my favorite afterdark mashup was to combine the one that had the cats and butterflies with the other one that showed the meadow through all 4 seasons.. combined. the result was that the snow never melted even in the spring.. very "wizard of oz"-esque.

  7. hairyears says:

    Maybe I should dust off that Windows '98 'skin' that I wrote for the Mac, and see if I can get an iPhone version onto the AppStore.

    It's fun watching Macintoshers have a gibbering fit when you tell them that you have brought their laptop into line with our corporate computing policy and upgraded them to the most advanced version of Windows that their system will run... Some of them take days to work it out!

  8. jdm0511 says:

    Nitpick: System 7.

    Still retro cool.

  9. pixel_juice says:

    SWEET! Does it run bbedit?

  10. Really?

    Before NetBSD?

    The guys are slackin'!