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Senate Panel Approves Hiding Restaurant Bartenders

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A Utah Senate committee has approved a bill that would hide the preparation of alcoholic drinks behind 10-foot-high walls in restaurants and make it illegal to appear drunk.

Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, says Senate Bill 187 is intended to eliminate anything resembling a bar in restaurants.

His measure also would redefine what it means to be intoxicated in Utah, gutting a Utah Supreme Court ruling that said simply being a drunk is not a crime. Under Valentine's bill, it would be illegal for anyone to look like they are drunk.

The bill passed unanimously on Friday. It will now be debated on the Senate floor.

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29 Responses:

  1. lafinjack says:

    I guess Ozzy's never touring in Utah again.

  2. bifrosty2k says:

    So basically they're making it more illegal to be drunk in public?

  3. chuck_lw says:

    >Under Valentine's bill, it would be illegal for anyone to look like they are drunk.

    Finally! Now we can do something about all these people with mental handicaps, hearing loss, nerve damage, and partial physical handicaps.

  4. tiff_seattle says:

    and once more, the mormons attempt to make the world just a little bit less of a good place.

    • bifrosty2k says:

      I dunno, its their state, their right I guess.
      Granted, it sounds like it's bad for commerce/etc but whatever, one more reason to avoid visiting utah :)

      • azul_ros says:

        Unfortunately, the super conservatives in other states will decide to bring similar measures to their state, thereby impeding the rights of bar goers & drinkers everywhere. Just like the anti-indoor-smoking movement.

      • jered says:

        Just because they have 62% of the population (as of 2004 census) does not make it their state, any more than Utah being 88% white makes it a white person's state.

        • tiff_seattle says:

          exactly. this country is at its best when it resists the tyranny of the majority. how about if instead of writing their religious rules into law, the religious people just control their own behavior? think some invisible imaginary being will strike you down for drinking alcohol? then don't drink. same goes for abortion, gay marriage, drawings of a supposed prophet, etc.

  5. dohmnaill says:

    Wow. Big WTF on this one...
    I suppose the illusion of sobriety is the aim. You can't see the drinks or appear drunk. It seems like a big game of make-believe - only with legal ramifications for those who don't play along.

    What is next, a separate "drinking section" hidden away from view, lest anyone be corrupted by sight of demon alcohol.

    Just another reason to not go to Utah.

    • lafinjack says:

      This was sold at a military BX, so it was the same stuff sold everywhere outside of Utah. But since it's a higher alcohol percentage than what's allowed to be sold in the rest of Utah, it's STRONG BEER.

  6. azul_ros says:

    HUH?? Why would anyone do that??!!

    Like denying the existence of alcohol will make it *disappear*??!

  7. kavavita says:

    behind a 10 foot wall? christ, you already have to go to a "private club" in order to get booze at all. It's illegal to NOT use a jigger to measure every single shot in a drink. If you want a second shot, it's a "sidecar" served in a second glass that you have to pour in yourself.

    I've tried to get drunk in Utah. Epic Fail. and I'm a lightweight. As far as i could tell, they just mist the vodka into a Cosmopolitan...

  8. All the cripples in Utah who have been accused of "looking drunk" due to blood sugar issues, seizures, balance disorders, stroke damage and so on are going to have *such fun* with this one. Heck, if this passes, I may go to Utah to stagger around without my cane and wobble-and-flail at people until I get arrested. I've wanted to get arrested there for ages, just to see what will happen - my last name is a very Mormon one.

  9. flipzagging says:

    Let's have a zombie drunk walk in Salt Lake City!

  10. luserspaz says:

    Maybe we could just build a 10-foot high wall around all of Utah and be done with it.

  11. phoenixredux says:

    This is terrible, since Utah is intolerable when you're sober.

  12. jered says:

    It looks like things are changing, and this is just a reaction. According to this article, the Governor, House and Senate leaders have agreed to eliminate the private club requirement and the separation wall that exists today.