dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we engage in some archæology.

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  1. httf says:

    I remember when he was our god. We waited eagerly for His tiny-printed word, and we carried His message to the heathens by badly-aligned photocopy.

  2. violentbloom says:

    I saw the swans there in 1991 or 1992 I think it was Fall.
    We saw Pigface maybe twice, and Haujobb, er NIN maybe? I'm sure you have that in your chronicles.

  3. mackys says:

    I think crusading rap guys are a real downer.


  4. icis_machine says:

    I sense many visits to the library going over the local newspapers in your future.

  5. joeradio says:

    Heh. That video was shot by Post TV (which Adam Sherburne introduces as "The Post"), the cable access video show I worked with back then. I had forgotten that some of our clips were up on YouTube, many of them posted by "AntiMusick" (a guy named Paul who came up from Fresno for all the industrial shows). Although I can't remember any other specific examples, I'm sure we shot other bands at the old DNA.

  6. nightrider says:

    oh my.

    I was at this show and I'm fairly certain I spied myself in one of the crowd shots.

    This was one of the first shows I went to in SF. Talk about flashbacks!

    Thanks for posting this vid!

  7. g_na says:

    There are a few "old DNA" shows listed here: http://g-na.org/live_shows.html

  8. otterley says:

    Does the SF Weekly have accessible archives? Its entertainment section is probably a reliable source for past shows.

  9. amcmillan says:

    You may have already worked this out yourself, but if it helps any the guy who added the pre-1994 info to the Wikipedia article goes by the username VincentJ.