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  1. wehmuth says:

    Is that Boris Johnson in his youth?

  2. bitwise says:

    Good luck googling that. I always wonder if bands do this intentionally, as sort of a casual fuck off, twenty-first century, or if it's just cluelessness.

    And then I actually googled it.

    • reify says:

      I have no idea what this dude's talking about. Pre-emptive "sorry" for my lameness.

      Tech question - is that daylight these people are performing in?

      • kiskadee says:

        To rephrase the point as I understood it, good luck promoting a band if people can't google its name, or by extension, pronounce it. Considering the stigma some attach to "selling out," it's reasonable to say it's purposeful.

    • luserspaz says:

      That was my first thought, but surprisingly they are the first hit on Google for me. Right before the Wikipedia entry on "Calendar Date". :)

  3. pushupstairs says:

    man, that's a fucking killer band name.

  4. They must be european?