A Clawful of Boobs

Please cut your nails, cold unfeeling robot arm.
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Six-Word Reviews of 1,302 SXSW MP3s

Paul Ford has done it again. His diversions include:
Indie bands have started clapping, and electroclash groups have become ever-more reliant on the 808 handclap. The handclap in its organic glory (or simulation thereof) should insert a hopeful note, like a brisk, playful fox-terrier jumping into the middle of the stage. But repeated often enough handclaps are hell. They are the musical equivalent to tiny lizards biting off your eyebrows.


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mixtape 074

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 074. This is the second mixtape culled from the 2009 SXSW torrents. I put it together before I left, but I did manage to see five of these bands, some of them by accident...
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