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9 Responses:

  1. editer says:

    And people say you're hard to shop for.

  2. revsphynx says:

    Are they trying to construct Mecha-Mothra?

    Will there also be robot fairies?

  3. YES. That's more like it.

  4. infrogmation says:

    Is that at Freedom Oaks?

  5. Jurassic Pride Parade?

    Priscilla, Queen of the Paleozoic?

  6. twiin says:

    They sure do look better at night.

    Also, while drunk.

  7. paulinahtoo says:

    fish/eel skeleton? pretty neat

  8. option12 says:

    The skeleton bike was at the maker faire. possibly the sail thing also. my kids wanted to ride.....

  9. nightrider says:

    GO Texas State Bobcats! WOOOO!